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Default Re: O.J. Mayo: The next great one?

Originally Posted by jailer
I got bored and decided to look up videos and articles about the grizz. I have to tell you guys this. I think we are very lucky to have Mayo. I watch his game and I see flashes of brilliance. He is so crafty and he has such a smooth shot. He has great speed and ball handeling prowess. He is able to weave his way through traffic and make impossible plays possible. He reminds me so much of Dwayne Wade, except Mayo has a jumper. I really think in a few seasons when people look back on the draft of 08', everyone will say that Mayo is the best player in that draft.

Maybe I am thinking homerish or to optimistic. But I dont usually think like that. I just really think he will be that good. I sit here now in anticipation of the up coming draft. Not to mention how pumped I will be for the summer league. And I am already putting money together for season tickets. I personally can't wait for next season. It's gonna be a pleasure to watch Mayo become one of the great players in the N.B.A.

He has a chance I will give you that. lilojmayo calls him the 6'4 Mamba ( Kobe) and we all know how liloj's mind works . Mayo needs to have a killer instinct, the skill level is there though. He might be the " next one', but I think Rudy Gay will take too many shots away from Mayo for Mayo to unlock his full potential
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