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Default Re: Interesting Trade Idea

Originally Posted by baseketball4life
why are you so pro-trading Monta Ellis?


There are a few reasons.

1. This guy maybe offensively talented but he's a team killer, meaning he takes away the chemistry. He isn't much of a passer and will pout in team huddles if plays aren't called for him. A true cancer for this team.

2. He has a horrible attitude. Lets not forget he tried to lie to everyone by saying he was hurt in a pickup basketball game and the truth is, no one will really know the truth. Was it a moped or motorcycle.

One of his quotes.."I've been playing point guard, just look at the tape." I've watched all the games and all he does his bring the ball up the court and jack up a shot about 60% of the time while averaging 3 assists and 2 turnovers. Thats not playing point guard.

3. Lack of a brain. Its obvious this guy isn't the sharpest knife in the kitchen drawer. To play the point, a player has to be cerebal to a certain extent to learn the tiny nuances of the game. Ellis doesn't have that. He's gotten this far on his athleticism and speed, but he won't always have that and with this inability to learn the game, it doesn't make him an attractive prospect in 5 years.

4. He doesn't have a true position. He isn't a good enough ball handler or passer to play the point full time and he's too small to play the shooting guard position.

5. He's a horrible defender, not based on skill, but based on intensity. He could be a really good defender if he wanted to, but he doesn't. I remember seeing Kevin Martin, who is 6'7, blow right past Ellis anytime he wanted. He gives up on plays and just let his player go.

I guess I can go on and on, but you get the point...
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