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Default Re: My Complete Draft Breakdown

Lebowski, De Colo is a really solid player. He may not be great at anything, and I'm not sure he would be more than a decent backup guard, but he would be worth a 2nd round pick to me because he is a mature player that could fill a few roles off the bench. I just don't know how he would fit in with the Pacers. I don't know their FA situation, but they have a ton of pretty good guards in Ford, Jack, Dunleavy, Rush, and Daniels.

Gringos, I have always had a hard time placing Daye in the NBA. He looks like he could add some muscle so I could see that. You are right, though, he should be a CF because he would be able to fill either role depending on what the team he lands on looks like. I addressed Griffin in my original post. With the Clippers I think they may have him at SF at first, but I think he ends up being a PF.

I don't agree at all with Mills. I have never been a fan. I see a backup like Redick that just comes in to score, while Flynn and Lawson could be starters. Guys like Flynn and Lawson can lead a team which will make them much more valuable, which is why they should go much higher.

Interminator, I follow the draft every year and keep track of most of these international guys. De Colo and Aleksandrov have been draft prospects for years. If you go back some years there was talk Aleksandrov might be a potential #1 pick (not that it means much to me, but had him up around 2 at one point so it wasn't just me). He was only like 16 at the time and never reached his potential, however. Kravtsov has been in camps and stuff for a couple years, but anyone with his size has a chance. I think he could be taken and might actually be a steal. Eyenga kind of burst onto the scene this year, so you are right, I don't know much about him, but looking at his size, physcial skills, and the reports about his game, I don't feel bad including him.

As for Young, to me his a good example of a swingman. He doesn't handle the ball well enough to be a guard, and he doesn't have the height to be a true forward. He has a decent outside shot, drives the ball, and finishes at the hole, which to me is what swingmen do. He also has the size and athletic ability to guard SG or SF, which is another key part of his potential.

Harris to me is a shooting guard, even though he can't shoot (maybe he should be called an off guard). He is a good rebounder, but so wasn't MJ. Does that make MJ not a SG? He can handle the ball well enough to be a guard in the NBA, and has the size to D up and drive on SG at 6-4. Do you suggest he plays against 6-8 SF or PF or something? If he makes the NBA it will be as a 2-guard.

And it isn't just me making these positions. I'll admit some guys are tweeners and hard to place, but for the most part I think you would find that ESPN, CBSsports, and all of the draft websites would agree for the most part.
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