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Default Re: Mock Draft Game 2009

I'll do it. A few questions though.

How do we account for trades? Is it just the # they are actually drafted? Like if the Knicks traded up for the #4 pick, and the Kings got the #8 pick, the player drafted by the Knicks would obviously still count as the #4 pick. Nevermind. Or if the #4 drafted player was traded by the Kings after the pick. Again, nevermind, kind of a stupid question.

And we aren't doing the second round right? But say you have a player picked at 30, and he's picked 31 (ie. in the second round). Do you still get the appropriate amount of points for being close? Like let's say you have Patty Mills going to the Cavs at 30, but the Wizards end up picking him at 32. You still get that 1 point, right?

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