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Default Re: OFFICIAL OFFSEASON: Needs & Questions

Originally Posted by el gringos
Is the 3 mill what mcdyss counts on next years payroll?

I don't like your plan of trading in for pick 15 and then taking lawson- lawson despite what some have said would not be a good fit for the nuggets and won't really even be a very good nba player- he isn't among the top 10 pg's in this draft for the nugs imo
That's my list and I don't know the foreigners and some others but there are still 11 better fits at pg so at pick 15 lawson would be a terrible pick- can't shoot or finish and being so small he will struggle in the nba without being a scorer- and he isn't a very good defender overall

The pleasant surprise: Ty Lawson

Two players are neck and neck for the top spot in this year's Draft Rater. You could easily guess that one of them is Blake Griffin, but most folks never would have guessed that the other is Lawson.

Lawson, who is coming off an electric performance in leading North Carolina to the championship, grades out highly for several reasons: Although he's short for a point guard, his shooting numbers (47.1 percent on 3-pointers), strong assist rate and microscopic turnover ratio (9.1, first among point guard prospects) all point to him as an NBA keeper.

The Draft Rater puts Lawson slightly ahead of Griffin for first, but this doesn't mean a team should take Lawson first. The standard error in the projections for point guards is higher than it is for big men, which means random noise could be putting Lawson ahead just as easily as on-the-court performance. If the consensus is that Griffin is the better player, I don't think Lawson's statistical record alone is strong enough evidence to refute it. Additionally, we've heard questions about Lawson's work ethic and injuries.

But the rating is emphatic enough for me to say Lawson should be at the top of the college point guard ladder, ahead of Jonny Flynn, Jrue Holiday, Jeff Teague & Co. (If you're wondering about Ricky Rubio, I'll have more on him next week.)
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