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Default Re: My Complete Draft Breakdown

Gringos I actually agree with you, but remember that speed kills. Lawson and Flynn could get into the lane like Parker. They are true PG that can lead teams as well, in time. I have always said you need to wait 3 or 4 years before a PG reaches their potential in the NBA. They may put up good numbers right away, but you need to wait until they are true floor generals.

I also said they could be starters. Not that they will. I see them as boarderline starters. If they come off the bench I think they are among the top 10 backup PG in the NBA. As starters I don't think they are All-Star level, but not far behind Mike Bibby who has been a playoff PG for most of his career. I don't think they would be far off from Jameer Nelson who is also a little guy and did make an All-Star team. Mills actually kind of reminds me a little of Nelson, but I just can't see him being that good for some reason.

As for draft position, in a normal draft I think Lawson and Flynn are going in the last 10 or 12 picks in the 1st round. In this weaker draft, they are going up near the lottery.

I also agree that Jennings is going to be better. He really got a bad rep going to Europe, but he is a true PG, not a scoring PG, although he can score, and if you caught some of those videos of him over in Europe, he is actually a pretty smart and mature guy off the court.

If you are talking my personal top 5:
1. Rubio
2. Griffin
3. Thabeet
4. DeRozan
5. Evans/Jennings

To me those are the only 6 guys in the draft that I think have the potential to be All-Stars.

Since I have a minute, I will break this down even further by looking at what I think they will get for stats over the course of their whole careers including what I think will be slow starts for all of them except Griffin.

Rubio-16ppg, 9apg, 2spg, 45%, 33%3
Griffin-20ppg, 11rpg, 52%
Thabeet-12ppg, 11rpg, 3bpg, 54%
DeRozan-19ppg, 4rpg, 46%, 30%3
Evans-17ppg, 4rpg, 4apg, 45%, 32%3
Jennings-15ppg, 7apg, 2spg, 44%, 32%3

Flynn-11ppg, 4apg, 46%, 34%3
Lawson-9ppg, 5apg, 46%, 38%3
Mills-6ppg, 2apg, 43%, 38%3

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