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Default Re: OFFICIAL OFFSEASON: Needs & Questions

Originally Posted by kurple
And Parker is signing with a european team so, this would be a cool idea as well.

TE + Picks for Etan Thomas and 5th pick. Then trade Thomas to a team who want cap space in 2010 for a quality big example. knicks/ David Lee.

The 5th pick and david lee would be a great return on the te even if nugs had to include a lot of future picks- I think something like that is possible

On lawson I guess we just disagree- I will say despite what the stats say he will not be productive as a 3 point shooter in the nba- my guess is (without looking) that his college 3 attempts are not high because of how many players who can shoot and score on unc- more than that he shoots a set shot and shooting from the floor combined with being so small does not look good for getting off shots in the nba- really he just isn't a good shooter

Someone will take lawson before 34 so I just think if the nugs trade into a pick to grab a gaurd that rubio, jennings, holiday, curry, and teague are just so much better than lawson that if the nugs aquire a pick they might as well go for a player who could be very good or great- lawsons ceiling is that maybe he could be a decent backup pg, I don't think he's a rotation player on a contending team
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