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Default Re: we got the 5th pick now

Originally Posted by UConnCeltics
I HOPE you guys are able to trade up to the 2 spot, and keep the 5. If you are able to keep the 5, you have about a 95% chance of landing both Evans and Rubio. But one thing I'm not sure of is how Minny views Evans. Do they view him as a PG or a SG?
im guessing Rubio would be the PG and Evans the SG when there both on the court. when rubio is out and evans is in i could see Evans playing the 1. this is assuming we get both of them

Originally Posted by franchize
get a 2 guard or sf.yall have a good pg in Sebastian.yall just need to stop being stupid and play him.Whenever he starts he plays well.Unfortunately, there arent many guys at those positions.Terrence Williams would be a good fit for yall if you wanna trade down or James Harden @ 5 if he's still there.
wtf telfair is just trash, he is so bad he shouldnt even be a back up on this team. telfair has had his chance and failed miserably. trading up and drafting Rubio + Evans (although i want derozan...) would be the best thing possible for this team.
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