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Default Re: My Complete Draft Breakdown

Originally Posted by Snoop_Cat
el gringos - what the hell, Griffen is a PF, not a SF.

Is it just me, or does anyone else think Blake Griffen might be a little overrated.
He's one of the top prospects in this draft for sure
, but from the few games I saw, a lot of his game is based on out-muscling his skinny opponents in college, which sure as hell won't happen in the NBA. Plus he's not even that tall.
People also talk about how he didn't get to show his defense cause Oklahoma couldn't risk fouls, but likewise, how do we know it WON'T be good using the same logic.
A lot of people seem to be hyping him up as the next great PF or something.
I see maybe a few All-Star appearances at best, but I don't think he'll ever be a 20/10 guy, maybe 18+/8 at best in my opinion.
Plus, "Hack-a-Blake" anyone?

it must be just you! blakes a monster he is a clear cut special player all-star lock and roy lock! he'll outmuscle outjump outquick or outshoot 90% of any power forward in the nba! he will be better than beasley! mark my words!

also i gotta laugh at the derozan over harden ranking... give me one second!

harden will be the second best rookie in this draft class!

derozan has bust written all over!

brandon jennings will eventually be a better player than rubio

and stephen curry will lean to play the point and will turn out to be the 3rd best pg in this draft.

if tyler hansbrough slips past pick #15 that will be the biggest steal!

also alot of people are talking about this being the weakest draft ever?

thats all im gonna say about that!
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