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Default Re: My Complete Draft Breakdown

Originally Posted by DwadeOverLebron
it must be just you! blakes a monster he is a clear cut special player all-star lock and roy lock! he'll outmuscle outjump outquick or outshoot 90% of any power forward in the nba! he will be better than beasley! mark my words!

ROY Lock?
Look at the Clippers front court, it's JAMMED, knowing them, they'll probably keep it that way. There are plenty of potential challengers for that.
All-Star Lock?
Let's see from the West....
Duncan, Stoudemire, Anthony, Gasol, Nowitzki, Jefferson, Durant, Boozer... etc...
Yeah, maybe a few years, but to be perennial, he's going to have to put up some big numbers on that $hitastic team.
He can pretty much outplay 90% of PFs?
6 of the mentioned PFs from the West alone.. I don't think so. that's 17% of starting PFs in the L from the West alone.
Beasley is more of a SF to me, so they're not even the same position.

Not denying that Blake Griffin will be a damn good player. I honestly don't see him as more than a few-time All-Star, definitely not Super-Star caliber.
Cheaper Karl Malone if you ask me. Cheaper

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