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Originally Posted by geeWiz15
What about the fact that Nash always had a 6moy candidate backing him up at the PG spot and taking possessions away with him? Doesn't that deflate his stats? And doesn't the fact that Dallas was always in the 55-60 win range with Nash matter?

The very first jersey that was retired in Dallas Mavericks history was #15. #15 was the backup PG for Derek Harper and the Mavs, Brad Davis. Brad was the only expansion draftee in 1980 that made it through with the Mavs and was a fixture in the 7-9 man rotations that Dallas used in the Derek Harper era.

As for the wins, Harper never played with a guy as good as Dirk Nowitzki, point blank. Mark Aguirre was really good, don't doubt him at all, but he was basically the Gilbert Arenas of SFs in his day. Very, very good, oft overlooked, but not a HOF lock like a guy like Dirk.

The only guy on Harper's team with Nowitzki level talent was Roy Tarpley and he lasted all of 2 seasons before becoming a ****up.
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