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Originally Posted by LiL Stevie
Man I wish I was old enough to witness those 80's Mavericks. Sometimes, people overlook that era when talking about the old Mavericks just because the 90's was so dreadful but those 80's teams were pretty good. Michael Finley was the man though. He deserves to have his jersey retired in the arena someday. Shoot, if Brad Davis has his up there, Finley should be a no-brainer haha.

Hey question though. Since I was too young to follow those 80's Mavs, what was the deal with Mark Aguirre? Statistically, he should be the greatest Dallas Maverick of all time but why isn't his jersey up there in the rafters? Was he really that bad of a locker-room/character guy?

Great, great group of talent in the 80s. Had future semi-stars in Detlef Schremph and Dale Ellis in small roles early in their careers, had an oft overlooked guy in Jay Vincent that was never given much attention but in 3 of his 5 years in Dallas, rookie-5 as a NBAer, was putting up Rashard Lewis level #s for the team.

Team had some players on it that were lost in time because only Mavs fans really talk about Aguirre, Tarpley, Ro, Harp, and Donaldson. Sometimes they talked about Uwe Blab, Bill Wennington, but that was just for laughs.
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