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Default Re: OT: Michael Jackson is dead?!!?!?!?!?!?

I'm a huge fan!!!!

Just 2 days ago I was thinking about The Jacksons Victory Tour concert at Dodger Stadium in 1984. I had seats in the 5th row from the stage dead center, I talked to Ed McMahon who was sitting 6 rows behind me and got him to autograph my program, he was really nice and funny.
I also had a huge broad shouldered guy sitting directly in front of me and I kept seeing him sign autographs so I leaned forward.......O.J Simpson, so I got him to Autograph my program too. Janet Jackson and Debarge were 2 aisles over and I got autos from them too. Michael was even much more amazing live than ever on video, I've never seen anyone move like that before or since. It was one of my best memories.
Now I sit here......Michael=Dead, Ed McMahon=Dead, OJ Simpson=Prison, Janet and Debarge=Divorced..........WOW!!!!!!! Getting Old Sucks!!!!!

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