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Default 2009-2010 New Jersey Nets Lineup

As of right now this is how it would look, the draft has yet to be finished and possible moves the nets could make have yet to happen.

PG- Devin Harris, Keyon Dooling, Raefor Alston
SG- Courtney Lee, Jarvis Hayes
SF- Terrence Williams, Bobby Simmons, Trenton Hassell
PF- Yi Jianlian, Sean Williams, Tony Battie, Edjuardo Najera
C- Brook Lopez, Josh Boone

Starting Lineup:
PG- Devin Harris
SG- Courtney Lee
SF- Terrence Williams/ Bobby Simmons
PF- Yi Jianlian
C- Brook Lopez

-My opinion on this lineup is alright, it shows a decrease in scoring and team leadership with the loss of Vince Carter, It has a nice young core with a lot of potential but it is raw, not all developed especially Yi Jianlian. Devin Harris will be the leader now, he will be a big scoring threat, not sure about a playmaker. Courtney Lee is a nicely added young player with potential and should be a decent player throughout the year. Terrence Williams should be a nice average offensive and defensive player throughout the year and has lots of potential to be very good. Bobby Simmons could also be a starter, he has been working harder this summer to be able to have a larger role for the nets this season. Yi Jianlian has so far been a disapointment but could develop, he has decided to skip China Team events to work more with the Nets. Hopefully this can help him become better and more agressive. Brook Lopez should be a great player this year, he has proven himself and should prosper to an allstar player in the near future. Brook Lopez and Devin Harris are the key parts to this lineup.

Bench Lineup:
PG- Keyon Dooling
SG- Jarvis Hayes
SF- Terrence Williams/ Bobby Simmons
PF- Sean Williams
C- Josh Boone

Role Players:
Raefor Alston
Trenton Hassell

Edjuardo Najera

X Factor:
Jarvis Hayes- 3 Point Shooter
Sean Williams- Freakish Monster Dunker


The Nets need another big force at the center spot because if either Josh Boone or Brook Lopez goes down, their isnt someone that can fully fufill the center spot, all of the Power Forwards are too small. Also the nets need a bigger scoring threat at the sg/sf posistion.

Your Thoughts on everything?
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