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Default Re: Your 2009-10 Milwaukee Bucks team

Originally Posted by Ian
I don't think Ersan is quite as talented as Charlie V. I remember watching him play his rookie season and being very impressed, but not quite as impressed as I was with CV this year. However...this isn't to say that he doesn't have the ability to compete for the starting SF postion. Apparently he has been doing very well over seas. I think I saw he was averaging something like 16pts/15 rebounds per game--very good. How that would translate to the NBA is still up in the air. I was at a game where he dropped 30-some points, though, so who knows.

Again, with a player like Ilyasova coming off the bench for Mbah a Moute the Bucks have a great Defense/Offensive platoon.

Ilyasova was in his rookie season not in his 4th season like CV was. And he was only 19.
Also he evolved from a SF to PF.
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