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Originally Posted by Kebab Stall
With all three guys we picked, the potential is there. So I'm hoping they all pan out. Thabeet can be an excellent defensive force. Carroll, well, someone is going to have to fill me in, because I am clueless about this guy, but he does look good. Young, can be an excellent scorer of the bench. He's definitly my favourite pick from last night.

C as well.

I dont know why we drafted Carroll, everything I've read about him before the Draft screamed undersized hustle big man thats going to run the court well in transition and get dunks kind of like Renaldo Balkman did in NY.But I thought at worst we could exepect Arthur to provide that type of role for us.

He also has the personality of a stale condom:

However I thought we could use a spot shooter like Ellington or Meeks at #27, since both were available.

I like the Sam Young pick, I mentioned him before and was glad to see us take him at 36.Hopefully we give him an opportunity to make the team and find a specific role for him.

Thabeet was the low point of the Draft, there were other opportunities available and other players who could provide more of an impact from Drafting guys like Harden or Reke as a 6th Man, or Drafting Rubio and dealing him elsewhere to grab a few more Draft picks and allowing us to move down.
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