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Originally Posted by Kebab Stall
If we get the 5th-8th pick, Monroe should be our target, provided his stock doesn't rise too high. However, he should have been a top 5 pick this year and with another year, he should definitly be a top 5 or so pick next year.
I agree on Monroe, he has to improve and show dominance next season to raise his stock similar to what Blake Griffin did by returning for his Sophmore year, if not he might stick all 4 years, thats just the type of person he is.

But he wouldn't have been a Top 5 pick last year by the end of the tournament he was on the 6-14 range, and he wont test well at the combine. I know this after following his recruitment before he spurned Duke, hes not a jaw dropping athlete or has great strength yet but hes fairly athletic and has a developed skill of positioning in the post.

Also, next year's draft has a number of solid PF's. We could even look at someone like Cousins.
Cousins is a C, I'd be shocked if he is viewed as a PF.
He doesnt run the court well, gets tired quickly, and plays with such lazyness on the court that as a fan you would probably be angry with him.

But he finishes so strong at the basket and the potential is there for him to be better.

Next year will be the year of the PF, with possibly 9 going in the Top 20.

A name for you to keep a look out for is Kenneth Faried, from Morehead State.
The play-in game was impressive and the announcers talked a lot about him and that he could have declared in 09', but I thought it before they even started talking about the comparisons between Faried & Rodman, its absolutely undeniable.

Faried could be the next Rodman.
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