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Default Re: The Memphis Grizzlies Paradox

Originally Posted by J-Memphis
I'm willing to give them a chance - especially Thabeet - but I wasn't ecstatic about the selection at number 2. But that's not really what I am concerned about here.

I'm just more amused at how the party that usually hates us has been pretty encouraging about the draft, and the group that usually has the most support for the Grizzlies' moves are the ones up in arms about Thabeet.

Things could or could not work out. Either way, the past day or so has been a cool switch from the norm.

Yeah, I don't really know what those "in arms" fans want. Wallace and Heisley both said that they were on the phones all night long, and weren't getting good offers. One trade I heard about was Marko to the Clippers for Randolph, but I don't know if it was true or not. Not only that, the "in-arms" fans are also the fans who wanted to draft former tigers on this team. As much as I love the tigers, THIS IS A NBA FRANCHISE, NOT A TIGER REUNION!!

Other than that, I extend my congrats to Tyreke and Dozier for being drafted. Also, I go to the same college he just graduated from, but good luck to my boy, former UT-Martin Skyhawk, 2 time Ohio Valley Conference Player of the Year, Lester Hudson! Good luck with the C's!
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