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Originally Posted by J-Memphis
Think about what it says about the organization when a fans (including myself) speculate on next years draft the day after rather than dream and hope about the playoffs.

These fans are logical. This organization is illogical. And so are the fans who think OJ gets us into the playoffs this year. Barring an incredible FA offseason, our odds at getting into the playoffs are about as bad as last year.

So 6'4 Mamba, lets look at who will get into the playoffs and tell us which teams the Grizz will be better than next year.

1. LA Lakers
2. Denver Nuggets
3. San Antonio Spurs
4. Portland Trail Blazers
5. Dallas Mavericks
6. Houston Rockets
7. Utah Jazz
8. New Orleans Hornets
9. Oklahoma City Thunder
10. Golden State Warriors

These 10 teams at least look to be better than the Grizz next year not to mention teams with unknown futures like the Phoenix Suns and comparable teams like Minnesota and Sacramento.

I'm sorry but even with 30 ppg from O.J. we are going to have to do an insane amount of improving to even compete for the 8th spot.
I dont want to be extremely negative but there is a 33% chance we finish at the bottom of the Western Conference next season.

Sacramento in my opinion jumped over us and it would take an injury filled season for them to be worse, so currently it looks like it will be Memphis vs Phoenix vs Minnesota to finish at the bottom, we will get the worst of it because we play in the toughest division in basketball with 4 Championship contenders.

Memphis will be good and I like how we're building but the way we finished last season shows me we are a long ways away from even being able to talk about the Playoffs.
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