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Originally Posted by Interminator
I agree, but Monroe has to show the dominating ability in the college ranks before he declares. Right now hes a very good young player, but can you expect him to go for 20/10 immediately in the NBA? Can you even expect him to go for 20/10 in college?

He is one of the few guys who wants to improve in college before heading to the NBA, thats what a lot of people like about him and why I didnt expect him to come out early and he himself didnt even consider coming out.
I like that he wants to improve his game in college before taking on the pros. It shows real determination rather than just jumping for the paycheck (see Mullens this year). If he can have a good season at G'Town, it doesn't even have to be dominant (because that's not the player he is), then he should be a top pick next year, or maybe the year after, if he still feels he needs to improve.

Hes more of a C than PF, just based on his role on the court and how he positions himself defensively looking for the block rather than actually defending. Cousins finishes strong at the basket, if you throw it up he'll get it and slam it down The player you're thinking about with the very good hands for a big man is probably Renardo Sidney.

Unfortunately for both they play extremely lazy, Cousins plays lazy on both ends back when he was considering Memphis I watched 4 of his games and when in the half court he did nothing but stand still and wait to get the ball and dunk. While Sidney did like what Melo did by taking off on defense to play on offense.

Back to Cousins, hes a very good player but some might wonder if the weak competition he faced in HS overrated him, he also disappeared in some games on the AAU circuit and in some All Star games facing equally highly ranked talent.

We'll see what KFC does for him, but his role may not warrant him enough touches to come out early but everything about him suggests he will no matter what.
Sidney, yes that could have been who I was thinking of. Both are pretty damn big guys and are rather lazy. Sidney is going to Miss. State right? I liked that team when they had Charles Rhodes, I kind of lost interest once he left. Sidney and Vanardo should be interesting to watch.

Does Sidney actually have a nice touch from outside, or does he wish he does? Because I continuely hear about him shooting a lot of threes.

Hopefully ESPN doesn't **** with us this year, they should at least put some of the games on to watch Kenneth grab boards. Rebounding is just a convenient stat now, but there are some players who grab so many boards you actually are watching to see how many they grab when they play.
I've got a couple of Bulls games on DVD, where Rodman grabs a ridiculous amount of boards. One game he had 29, another game he had 27 and in the other I think he had 21.

I now only watch those DVDs just to watch Rodman grab rebounds. I also just skip over the game when he's not it.

It's also the same reason I got the first and second game of the season for Memphis on DVD, when Arthur grabbed 15 boards in the first and 10 (I think) in the second.

Another thing that stood out when I checked Faried's stats, was that he had 25 double doubles. How many did Griffin have? 30, was it? Not bad for Faried.
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