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Default Re: Official Draft Buzz Thread/Live Draft Thread

Timmeh's draft assessment:

12th pick: Let's be honest. We needed a backup SG, and we got one, albeit not who I really wanted. I was so pissed when New Jersey picked Williams, and in all honesty, at that point, I wanted us to scrap all of our draft plans, trade our picks and try to get someone via free agency. I will give Henderson a chance, but I'm not optimistic.

38th pick: I was getting excited when I saw Blair and Young still on the board, but was pissed when San Antonio took Blair. I was hoping we wouldn't screw up and not pick Brown, so I was satisfied when we did.

Last pick: I was really, really hoping we'd pick another big (Alade Aminu), so we could at least have a 3 way competition with Brown and May for the backup PF spot. I have no idea who the guy was we drafted, some kid from UAB. I'm glad we traded him for cash, so that gives us a breath of cap space.

Now lets go make a ripple in free agency.
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