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Default Re: 2009-2010 Line up

Originally Posted by Timmeh
Here's where we stand now. We have Sean Singletery, Dontell Jefferson, Cartier Martin, Alexis Ajinca and Juwon Howard. I assume we won't keep Singletery or Jefferson. Martin is probably going to be our 3rd string PG/SG. I expect Howard will retire, though we would be a solid backup big for cheap. As for Ajinca, I expect they'll give him a chance in the summer league and training camp, but I doubt they'll keep him on the roster and keep him in the D-League.

If we make a deal, the only expendable players would be Vlad and Nazr, seeing as those are the two we're trying to move the most. Unfortunately, a lot of teams aren't going to want to take on either of those contracts because they'll be stocking up for the 2010 free agency. The only takers would be teams like Memphis, Minnesota, Sacramento and OKC, who are in total rebuilding mode and don't have the markets or attractiveness to lure one of the big name FA's in 2010.

I thought we're not going to summer league this offseason. Well, a measure to save little money might ruin the future.
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