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Originally Posted by insidehoops
You can't get anything in return for mckie anymore, though.

Marc Jackson you can get a second round pick or a minor player who plays 10mins

That's the point, though. If you can get anything in return, don't move them. I can understand the cutting of McKie with his big deal, but when you replace him with Lee Nailon, who then in turn trade to Cleveland and have to give Cleveland your second round pick this year on top of that just for them to take them, that bothers fans, all so again they didn't have to pay the luxury tax.

As for M-Jack, I think they could get more than that for him and that's the point if you can't get an even enough trade, don't move him. He was 12 and 5 in 25 minutes a game and while he wasn't a great defender, he was solid enough and often directed the defense because he was a smart player.

All so that a multi-billion dollar corporation could save money. Yeah, I can understand why people didn't come out to games. From what I've heard it's a small portion that may not be big on AI anymore, but the main problem is frustration with Billy King and the organization as a whole.

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