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Default Re: OFFICIAL OFFSEASON: Needs & Questions

Morrow or bilinelli ? GSW have like 10 ppl who can play SG and i think they'd be willing to get rid of one of them if they get an expiring big in return.

How bout': LK + Hunter for etan thomas and etan to GSW for Turiaf, Morrow and Aice Law (to make the salaries match)

Ellis - Curry - Claxton
Bukie - Bilinelli - Curry
Jackson - Magette - Bukie

And Wolves won't miss Thomas and they need an SF and i belive LK still has SOME value and they get an expiring in return.

CB - Ty - Law
JR - Morrow -Weems
Melo - JR - Balk
Kmart - Turiaf - Balk
Nene - Bird - Turiaf

77mill (dice included) A BIG team, a great shotblocking team, a team for the future and a great 3p shooting team.

i LOVE!!! that team (some because i'm a morrow homer), and this trade could work.
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