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Default Re: Don't you find these *******s annoying?

Oh God, I know exactly what you and some others are talking about. It doesn't matter what time of day.

I'll be shooting around on a weekend waiting for friends and some scrub will try to jack up 3's, completely missing the backboard and rim, and me of course waiting for the rebound has to go get it since I'm closest to the ball.

I'll be shooting around on a weekday and some jobless 40 year old appears and wants to shoot with me. What the hell.

I'll be shooting at 6AM to avoid these idiots when some random dude passing by during his regular morning walk asks to join in. And of course he jacks up the ugliest shots too.

Meanwhile, none of these fools understand that if you make a shot, you get to keep shooting. I'll make a sweet jumpshot and am ready to see if I'm hot, and the retard will go pick up the ball and start jacking up his own shot.

I guess I'm not used to these guys because I used to live out in the boonies, but from now on, I'm definitely gonna start saying no.

And I'm not trying to be racist, but what's with these Mexican *******s who decide to play soccer on the basketball court. If we happen to be playing a half court game and these Mexican idiots arrive, they ask us to move. What the hell? So of course, we refuse and they try to start ****.
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