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Default Re: Look Out For Me This Year

Kenneth Faried - Morehead State - Sophmore

6'8 and 215lbs

Props to Interminater for introducing me to this guy. I probably wouldn't have noticed this guy untill half way through the next season otherwise.

I love rebounders (a lot) and this guy should be the best rebounder in college next season, with both Griffin and Blair in the NBA, so he automatically jumps up my list of favourite players.

08-09 stats: 13.9 ppg / 13 rpg (4.25 orpg) / 1.4 apg / 55 fg%

Grabbed double digit rebounds in 30 games (including the NCAA tournament).

Best game: 27 points with 24 rebounds in 30 minutes against Florida A&M

Pulled down 21 rebounds against Alabama State in the play in game for the NCAA tourney.

Had 25 double doubles in 08-09

Grabbed 17.3 rp40, with 5.7 orp40

Here's an article on the guy,
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