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Default Re: OFFICIAL OFFSEASON: Needs & Questions

Originally Posted by MeLO MvP 15
i think that the nuggets should resign birdman, kleiza, and jones (if he doesnt ask for much) mayb AC but even if its for the vet min i have a feeling ty lawson wont play at all due to Karls tendencie to play him way tooo much....

AFter we look into dumping hunter which is easy cuz hes expiring...
then look at free agents
i recommend:
at guard: anthony parker or marquis daniels or eddie house or shannon brown
at forward: grant hill and drew gooden or powe
at center look into zaza pachulia

Obviously some of these guys are if we can not retain our FA but we could do any combination, but we are going to at least need birdman w any combination of the forwards and gaurds....
Then we set for a championship

You don't know George and his undieing loyality to UNC. Lawson will get every chance to prove himself. Bet on that! You are mentioned all these great names to sign but you havent too much knowledge about the cap. The Nuggets are already near the cap. If they resign Birdman and Kleiza the will not be able to sign even an extra cheerleader. So let's be a little more realistic about FA to sign.
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