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Default Re: Off Season Numbers The Cap and Luxury Tax

Originally Posted by gts
We have quite a few threads going now discussing this player and that. So here's a look at the Lakers financial situation this off season

Team Salary Outlook
The salary cap for next season could be around 58 million dollars, there are some saying it could fall as low as 55 million.

The luxury tax level is most likely going to fall someplace between 69 to 72 million dollars

Great research GTS, thank you so much for the very informative thread.
Actually, I am most intrigued with which teams are now way below the salary cap that might take interest on Odom and Ariza. I have been working 2 jobs lately, so I don't really have enough time searching for a site that can provide this info. I found one, but im not sure if they are accurate/updated.
If you think it's from 56mil to 58 mil, then the following teams are it.
Grizzlies, 37.7 mil
Pistons, 39 M
OKC, 41.7
Hawks 42.7
Raptors, 46
Blazers 48.6
Twolves, 50.8
Nets, 54.7
Bobcats, 56.5
Most of these teams have no history of offering huge contracts to lure away really good players, like Odom and Ariza.
With ones with the most money to offer, Grizz esp, dumping a proven Gasol, no history IMO. Pistons I heard lost a lot of luxury boxes bec of the Car industry meltdown.
The teams in the 53 Mil range in theory can't go over the cap of bet 56-58 Mil, right?, that means they can't offer more than 5 Mil unless they dump salaries, so to me that leaves Portland (log jam at the frontline with Aldridge, Oden, Pryzbilla etc) and the Raptors(taking in Olajuwon's contract) that have history of signing big time players.
If this is accurate, then which teams pose the MOST THREAT of luring away Odom and Ariza in your opinion?
thanks again.

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