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Default Re: Odom not likely to resign?? - ESPN firsttake

It also depends on how much David Lee demands from the lakers. He seems to want to screw us every year.

What? Doesn't Lee play for the Clippers or the Knicks?

The subject of this thread makes me I trust Mitch if LO walk away.

But whats going to be even fun to watch if LO walks is GTS,Lakerfreak watching Mitch go after players like Ron

Sorry guys its just I know how much the both of you don't want Ron...

Ron or Hedo work for me but, let hope LO stay

Odom is irreplaceable. Everyone on that team including Phil is always saying how Odom is the key to the Lakers.

Odom is a solid 3, 4 and 5.

Turk is a solid 3
Ron is a solid 2 and maybe 2.

Gotta get Odom back.. I'm hoping Mitch knows how important Odom is to that team... if not there are going to be a lot of pitch-fork carrying Laker fans and chances are no repeat.

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