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Default Re: 2009-2010 Line up

That is a big weight off my mind. He has always looked solid defensively, and I guess when I see him get torched it's often where he's getting minutes alongside Augustin or someone and thus not in as fair a viewpoint as he's guarding the better offensive guard.

Salery wise I was going off what some of the average starter old guys got as long term deals and I think I was perhaps comparing their later year saleries with what I expected Felton's earlier years to be like and thus the difference is greater. 7 million going up to like 9 is much better than 9 going to over 11

Perhaps I was a little harsh and expecting higher wages and thus just thought we could spend the money better. Man that Nazr deal looked iffy but OK at first but then when we got Diop aswell it just looks horrible. I think they tried to get Diop and couldn't, so did a deal that was very similar instead for Nazr. But instead of realising later when 'their guy' was available that they'd already filled that (back-up Centre good enough to play 20 mins rather than 10 and let Mek slide to PF for those extra 10 a game in a different look for the opponent) issue with a 90% solution, went for what they wanted origionally even though it was now a much smaller upgrade on what they had in Nazr over the likes of Hollins back initially.

It's really tied our hands as we can't afford a legit sixth man (or stating PF maybe with Diaw the prototype 6th man already onboard) and end up just playing our best back-up Augustin alot which shifts Felton out of position and causes the cronic problems when a starter is injured. When we have a fit line-up we seem to take on anyone and I've come to think it's not a weak bench, but a lack of that number 6 or 7 guy at the very top of the bench which we need to add.
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