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Default Re: 2009-2010 Line up

Now you know this is just one man's opinion and I'm going off of rumors and internet stuff...for all I really know Felton wants 10 per. I don't think so though; Jordan sounds fairly confident he's going to get a deal done and I doubt he would be if he was asking that much.

If I remember correctly I got that 8 million off of Bill Ingram of Hoops World. Normally they'll print anything but Ingram actually traveled with them some, so I feel he has a better handle than a lot of others.

Nazr was cowtowing to the Idiot when he said Mek was a PF and needed a C. Primoz sucked and he wouldn't play Herrmann so Jordan listened to him. I'm pretty sure Jordan wasn't going to re-sign Mek (we went after Diop in the summer, offering him the full MLE...Dallas matched) but Larry pretty much told him we had no shot at the playoffs without him.
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