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Default Re: OT: Michael Jackson is dead?!!?!?!?!?!?

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Yeah!!! I remember was a very powerful moment!!!!!

The man was a racist...his kids are not even his kids... they have no idea how they are with him....he did not like his colour...

sure he was lonely had family problems and did not get with his dad...

but cmon this is the guy who started the king of pop slogan for the awards shows in 1990.

its sad to know he died but i dont give a rats ass for ppl like have pity on lonely...get over are soo many others born without parents yet go on to live great lives...

Only the strong survive and thats a fact....king of pop...yea rite...popped his pills and his heart thats all.

im not a hater im a his music...but i keep it real..

MJ is one likes hes dead...oh micheal..he was soo sweet...go suck on it...

im gonna stay true
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