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Default Re: Okay...Now what's next?

The team has two really good players to build around. Devin is a 21 pt/7 ast PG and he's 26. Lopez averaged 13 and 8 with 1.8 blocks in his rookie season with impressive percentages of 53% from the floor and 79% from the line. He's just 21 too. He's defintley a player to hold on to for years.

That of course isn't even to get into the playoffs though. Then you have the wild cards like Courtney Lee who is an athletic 2 guard who can defend and shoot, but we'll have to see if he can improve on his surprising rookie season. There's also Yi Jianlian who is wildy inconsistent, but I still have hope could develop into a very solid player because of his shooting, athleticism and versatility at his size. He's shown flashes of the player he can be. After that there's Sean Williams who unfortunately, I've almost given up on despite being very excited about him at one point. He could be an elite shot blocker and a strong rebounder as well as a guy who should be able to finish around the rim a lot. But his basketball IQ is terrible and he can't stay out of foul trouble.

I do think that the point guard and center position are set, but everything else is a big question mark. I expect 30 wins at best right now.

I'd go into the season though with this team. See if the young players can grow with bigger roles, see how Harris plays as the leader. Then go into the lottery, hopefully coming off a season with some surprise seasons from young players and then pursue the top free agents in the best free agent class in years.
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