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Default Re: Artest a mistake

Originally Posted by All Net
I try to avoid his articles as much as possible.

Me too. He's the epitome of "hack."

Back to basketball though, lets look at this objectively. I love Ariza as much as the next Laker fan (plus I'm a UCLA fan), but, do you think he'll ever be as good as Artest can be? Maybe, but I think it'll take the right coaching to properly utilize his freakish athleticism. Artest has proved he can be a 20 and 6 guy AND a defensive stopper wherever he goes.

I think the personality doubts are relatively unwarranted. The media likes to portray Artest as some sort of hulking sociopath, who could rape your white women with the slightest provocation. He's a passionate athlete, and the stuff in the series against the Lakers was more the fault of officiating than Artest actually doing anything wrong.

Plus, Phil Jackson once coached Dennis Rodman.
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