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Default Lets just call it what it is shall we? L.A Fakers

Name seems corny but it fits the team, the franchise and its fan perfectly. Look up the definition of smug and you'll see a Lakers jersey. Funny. Really dont know why any of you actually think adding Artest makes this team a dynasty. You guys remain the most delusional, annoying, pompous fans on this board since I've posted.

All kidding aside how does it feel to be a fan of a consistent and successful winner? Has anyone ever witnessed dog years? A stretch of seasons? I really cant recall many years where the Lakers were the Clippers, or the Sixers for that matter. Definately a franchise a bball fan could envy given what team he/she roots for. As a Sixers fan I'm just hoping Ed Stefanski can get this ship on course and put together a team that can reach the ECF let alone NBA Finals. Lakers fans just enjoying pieces being added to a loaded team. Popular city. Popular franchise. Popular star NBA player. World Champs. Then you add Artest and most likely will keep Odom.

Life is good as a Lakers fan no? Your offseason is set. You can go to the beach, sip lemonade, ride a wave whereas other fans are scouting rumors all over the friggin internet for any sign of daylight for thier team. Sweet.

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