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Default Re: Lets just call it what it is shall we? L.A Fakers

Gobb I been watching this team along time and that's the one thing you can count on as being a laker fan, they will always try, jerry buss just "gets it" he knows his market and knows the best way to make money is to put a team on the floor that has a chance. when the clipps came to LA I was excited, 2 NBA teams this is great, but after 4 5 years the writing was on the wall, sterling wants to make money which is fine, buss does too.
but his approach is so different than the way buss runs his team.

i can understand some teams in some markets do have to opperate under certain parameters that don't allow them to build a deep roster, they have to pick and choose their moments to make that run. but LA is not one of those markets and i'm happy we do have an owner that understands it.

we have also been blessed with two real solid GMs, they know when and where and who to spend the money on, but they also don't just throw cash at a problem like some teams do (kncks)

that's the one thing i love about the spurs, small market but smart smart smart basketball minds pulling the strings behind the curtain, i know some laker fans hate the spurs and don't like to give them props but it's all i can do... those guys know how to run a team. they could take over the clippers and they'd be a title threat in 4 years and a dynasty would be born in 6

thanks for the good post GOBB
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