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Default Re: Lets just call it what it is shall we? L.A Fakers

Originally Posted by D-Rose
GOBB your city has a football team!

Exactly what I was gonna say. Even though GOBB wanted to jump all over me when I proclaimed my love for the Eagles. Anyway, people always call Laker fans pompus but honestly this franchise is the definition of excellence. Even the "dog" years of Team Van Excell and the Post Shaq years they were mere plays away from going on championship runs. Think about the year we let Phoenix come back from 3-1. Next round we woulda had The Clippers. we could have very well went back to the WCF and beyond with kwame and Smush!

It's just something about the team. Role players become stars. Sorry a$$ teams get juiced up to play us. Watch Memphis or Portland (they're a good team now) play against us. Those dudes come out the gate like the NBA title is on the line.
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