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Default Re: Lets just call it what it is shall we? L.A Fakers

Originally Posted by gts
that's the one thing i love about the spurs, small market but smart smart smart basketball minds pulling the strings behind the curtain, i know some laker fans hate the spurs and don't like to give them props but it's all i can do... those guys know how to run a team. they could take over the clippers and they'd be a title threat in 4 years and a dynasty would be born in 6

thanks for the good post GOBB

I think all real Laker fans respect the hell out of the Spurs. I hate Boston. I hate the Queens. I hate Portland. I'm starting to dislike Denver. But I look at San Antonio as the Joker to our Batman. We need that rivalry as much as they do to keep each other on our toes. I'm glad to see them making moves and not fading away.
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