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Originally Posted by mln03
what exactly does he give the team though? he is a 3 ball specialist. that's it. this past season he regressed. maybe not statistically, but if you watched every game like i did you'd see it. 5mill for a guy that should be playing 10-15 mpg seems a bit much that's all.
you are right that it's not his fault he plays 32 mpg because they don't have anyone else.

Kyle spreads the floor on offense, opening things up for the entire team and especially AI. Which is huge on this team, since they really lack a lot of good outside shooters. He's proven to be a solid rebounder and passer and is does a decent job in terms of team defense. Tell me how he regressed? Did he have a post-up game in the previous season? He clearly improved his mid-range game from the previous season? And he no doubt added muscle. Should he consistently be playing 32 minutes and starting, probably not. But to say 10-15 is ridiculous. He should be one of the first guys off the bench and should be playing anywhere around 25 minutes a night, more if he has the hot hand.
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