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Default What is your opinion of Lamar Odom?

Do you trust him yet?

He had a pretty good playoffs and out played Marion. He has shown to be one of the best rebounders in the league and he is also a tremendous ball handler and passer, never mind for his size, just period.

He's pretty much shown everything. He's shown the ability to score in the post against small players and to blow by bigger ones. He's a guy you can count on to find the open player. At times he plays good defense and at times he doesn't.

However there is one main issue. He has not improved. Since his rookie year practically. He seems like the kind of player who never practices, ever. He still has no offhand, he has a jumper that is just plain HORRIBLE, and he doesn't really have any moves. His entire offense basically consists of left hand drives. What happens when he gets into a playoff series against a serious team? What happens when that left hand drive is cut off? Will he respond with some skill he just hasn't unleashed yet, will he get owned and come back next year, fired up and ready to go with an expanded skillset? Or will he just not improve and continue to settle for "pretty good player" status?

As it is right now his passing and rebounding is enough to make him a valuable contributor to any team effort. But is LA making the right decision by sticking with him? How high is his value right now? Will he use the Suns series as the beginning of a new level for his play? Or just put on the same "show up half the time and make money on talent alone" routine?

Lastly, what would you think of a Jamison for Odom swap from the Lakers point of view?
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