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Default Upcoming season and minutes for Vets

Lakers seem to have made the move they needed in replacing Ariza...and im sure Odom will stay unless Portland want him, now that Hedo has turned to Toronto.

With Odom and Artest left to sign...the next moves will be to round out the payroll at around 100 mill by trading sasha, morrison and maybe farmar...

Brown is not getting offers over 1 million since teams dont have cap space and the lakers look to retain him.

With all that said...Pau Gasol is playing in the European Championships...and he will be tired.

Phil will need to play him 28-35 mins a game...and play odom more...kobe needs a Legit backup and maybe a sign and trade with NY for Nate robinson does not sound like a bad spark plug...

Morrison + next years pick for nate robinson...our big lineup is steady...Bynum, Mbenga, Pau, Odom, Artest, Luke, Powell

the small lineup is more like kobe, fisher, farmar, brown...
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