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Default Re: Upcoming season and minutes for Vets

I think the rotation will be much like it was this year. The exceptions I see are if they resign Brown I see Phil doing what he did in the playoffs more with the PG spot and that is splitting the minutes somewhat evenly between Brown, Farmar, and Fish. Really that would be a tough matchup for teams too since they all bring something different and they would all be fresh since the minutes would only be in the 20's.

Besides that I think Gasol and Kobe will log pretty high minutes. Odom affects Bynums minutes more than he does Pau's. I think Artest will get his fair share. He's going to have to be that lock down defender that makes LA tough instead of finesse. He'll be in the game because the other teams best player will be and he take them on.

I need to see more from Bynum. This season Lamar was the X factor off the bench. Next season I think it needs to be Bynum as a starter. If he can take pressure off the other guys on both ends of the floor this will be a scary team.
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