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One somewhat interesting tidbit. I am not exagerrating when I say: I have never seen Odom make a three pointer as a Laker. That's right. Not one time. Granted I've never watched an entire game, but the times I have watched, probably adding up to about 14 quarters overall this season, I have never seen him make one. In fact, every one has been a gigantic brick, the kind that looks like it never has any chance, and hits the outside or top of the rim and falls to someone standing 20 feet away from the basket.

And yet, here's the funny part, he shot 37.2% from three this season. Better than Gilbert Arenas. Granted Arenas is the better shooter, granted he only takes the widest of wide open ones, but I was stunned to find this out. I thought he had a Wade-esque number.
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