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Default Re: Upcoming season and minutes for Vets

Originally Posted by triangleoffense
If we happen to keep Ammo around I say give Ammo and Luke more minutes during the regular season once we build up a lead and then save Fisher and Ron Ron for the playoffs. Odom as well since he played with a hurt back for the entire playoffs for 2 years straight.

Well, I think Luke is pretty much out of the picture lol. I don't think Phil will lower Artest's minutes until towards the end of the reg season. Anyways, the reason why I said Luke is pretty much out of the picture is due to the minutes being passed around for our starters. Artest plays 35+ MPG, Kobe plays 35+, Pau plays 35+, Odom plays 28+. There really won't be much time left to fit Luke into the puzzle unless if the Lakers decide to try Luke at some point-forward for a bit and decide to try out a lineup of Kobe/Ron/Luke/Pau/Bynum. I can't see that happening though.

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