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Default Re: Lakers dodge a bullett with Turkoglu signing?

Originally Posted by MJ(Mean John)
Lakers Dodge a bullet?

No, no, no..

You see the Blazers Dodge a bullet by not signing Turkoglu.

Big Turkey isnt getting any younger and a 5 year deal at 50 mil?

C'mon.. you are saving yourself.

Turkoglu=Overrated.. He is just a bit too old.

Man trust me when I say this!! Think Ben Wallace Signing!!!!!!!

No thats going a bit too far. Ben didn't have much skills. Just some athleticism that he knew how to use to his advantage.

Turkoglu actually has a variety of moves, and he hit some really clutch shots in the playoffs. Also very high IQ player. Can't believe he played behind Peja for so many years in Sacramento.
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