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Default Re: Artest a mistake

Artest will be fine under the triangle. He went to Saint Mary's... a very prestigious school and has a high basketball IQ.

Artest is also use to playing 2nd or even 3rd fiddle. This is not the Malone/Payton trade all over again because Artest has been there before.

He played 2nd and even 3rd fiddle in Indiana behind Reggie and O'Neal, even in Houston he had to play behind Yao and Tmac but the thing is is that Ron Ron has it in him to step up when the time is needed. When Yao and Tmac went down it was Ron who stepped up to the plate, the same can be said of him in Indiana.

Don't worry my brothers, this is a great deal for us. 3 years for 6 mil per year?

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