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Default Re: Randolph to Memphis for Richardson

Originally Posted by Kebab Stall
We don't need a mentor at PF and Randolph sure as hell isn't going to be any kind of mentor. We needed to get a young, solid PF, a backup PG and a veteran wing player. Not one of these has been filled. Instead we get a cancerous fat tub of lard in Randolph who will destroy whatever little chemistry this team had.

What chemistry? Pretty much everyone on the floor besides Conley or 1 and 1 type of players! Rudy and O.J. hog the ball more than anybody! We do need a veteran backup point guard who actually PASSES the ball. I mean, we were LAST in the league in assists last year for god's sake! As for Randolph, I'm willing to take a chance on him. I just don't know about Millsap. Besides, the Thunder are about to overpay him anyway, so they can have him. As for Lee, he's good, but he's a great role player, and wherever he goes, he will get a team a lot of boards, but that's pretty much it. And think about this. Z-bo has a tendency to make teams worse when he goes from teams to teams. Can we really get any worse?
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