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Default Re: Randolph to Memphis for Richardson

Originally Posted by BigSims2108
What chemistry? Pretty much everyone on the floor besides Conley or 1 and 1 type of players! Rudy and O.J. hog the ball more than anybody! We do need a veteran backup point guard who actually PASSES the ball. I mean, we were LAST in the league in assists last year for god's sake!
That's why I said.....

whatever little chemistry this team had.
We have piss poor chemistry and bringing in Randolph will destroy the little chemistry that is there.

Also, with Randolph coming in, you can bet on us being dead last in assists again. What did we average as a team last season? 17apg? We'll be lucky to average 12 a game with Randolph on the team.

As for Randolph, I'm willing to take a chance on him. I just don't know about Millsap. Besides, the Thunder are about to overpay him anyway, so they can have him. As for Lee, he's good, but he's a great role player, and wherever he goes, he will get a team a lot of boards, but that's pretty much it. And think about this. Z-bo has a tendency to make teams worse when he goes from teams to teams. Can we really get any worse?
That's probably the same attitude the FO had.

MH - "Hey, I know, we can't get any worse, can we? So, let's take a chance on Randolph?"

CW - "That's a great idea! Instead of trying to legitimately improve this team, with young talent and veterans who know how to lead a team and are proven winners, let's bring in one of the NBA's biggest black holes!"
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