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Default Re: Artest a mistake

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Thats a good point as well. I wonder what Phil has in stock on how he plans to keep Artest focused on the one goal.

I remember when Sheed first became a Piston, LB basically said "you need to let sheed be sheed".

Wonder what kind of mind games Phil can play on Artest.
phil doesn't really motivate or control players, he leaves that up to them to police themselves..phil puts the players in the right spot at the right time to succeed..

jacksons one greatest strength is getting a group of players to buy into a "phil"osophy where they all surrender individual needs to acomplish a goal as a team, he doesn't deal with the players as individuals but as a unit, he doesn't cater to the players he doesn't try and become one of the guys or reach them on their level, he insists they come up to his level andthat's why they respect him... it's the idiots like smush and cook that can't see past that and fail in his system as a laker...

this will be entirely up to artest if it's going to work, phils not going to try and speak crazy pills language crazy pills will have to learn to speak phils, just like jordan and pippen did and just like kobe has done the last couple years...
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