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Default Does Wallace make Celtics favourites?

We have a pretty good team..

Artest, Kobe, Odom (not confirmed), Pau, Bynum, Fisher

the celts have

Pierce, Ray, Wallace, KG, Perkins, Rondo and are recruiting grant hill.

This move certainly makes them better but very Old...look for the Magic, Spurs to sign Glen davis away from the celtics..

The lakers need and upgrade at PG or hope that brown and farmar can improve...

Sasha or morrison need to get their shot going or trade one for nate robinson.

Morrison for nate in a sign and trade should be easy...nate gets around 5 mill...and morrisons qualifying offer is not picked next year and the knicks can get him off the books...we get a high scoring guard off the bench like the celts eddie house...
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